F1 Commission accepts name changes

There is no official word on the matter, but we hear that the three name changes that were being requested by teams have all been agreed by the Formula 1 Commission, at a meeting in Geneva today. This means that next year Team Lotus will have a car called a Caterham; Lotus Renault GP will have a car called a Lotus and Marussia Virgin Racing will be running Marussia chassis. The confirmation of the name changes will not come until the next meeting of the FIa World Motors Sport Council, which is due to take place in the first week of December.

The news, if confirmed, is interesting in that it ends the fight between the two Lotuses. More importantly, by implication it confirms that Lotus Renault GP is now intrinsically linked to Group Lotus. The Norfolk car company was previously the title sponsor of the team, but the news that the other F1 teams have agreed to allow the F1 cars to race as Lotuses, would seem to confirm that the F1 teams will be used to promote car Group Lotus car sales. The agreement suggests that the other teams have been convinced that Group Lotus is in F1 to stay. my feeling is that this underlines the story that Genii is at the centre of a consortium that has bought Group Lotus from its parent company Proton and thus has a direct interest in both the car company and the team.

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